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The Career

A career as a cabin crew offers the opportunity to travel both locally and internationally, and to meet a wide variety of people. It can be glamorous, but also involves hard work and long hours.

When we use the term flight attendant, we also include cabin crew, air hostess, stewardess, and cabin attendant. They are the same thing.

Competition for a cabin crew position is strong, and apart from the basic requirements, it may be a good idea to prepare yourself by attending a training course. So if you are looking for a career as cabin crew in the high-flying airline industry, then training at an aviation school may be your answer.

A typical cabin crew training school facility offers anyone the skills, knowledge, and opportunity to become a professional cabin crew member on any one of the major South African airlines. A cabin crew training centre approved and certified by the South African Civil Authority, will offer future cabin crew members the best, and most appropriate training available.

The training course

The cabin crew licencing training program is a five to six week long course that covers all the fundamental aspects required to provide the candidate with the skills and knowledge to perform flight attendant or cabin crew duties. Subjects covered by the cabin crew trainees include a medical examination, fire fighting course, evacuation procedures, safety & emergency procedures training, security and ditching procedures.

The criteria for becoming a cabin crew or air hostess include:

  • a matric certificate,
  • aged between 18 and 35,
  • be neat and presentable,
  • have the ability to swim,
  • be well groomed and
  • be able to converse in English.
  • Most flight attendant training schools are situated in the Johannesburg area.
    We only recommend CAA Approved Aviation schools
    Visit an aviation training school website here

    Aviation Training Schools Directory - South Africa - Gauteng

    Advice on Choosing a Training School

    There are many Aviation Training Organisations (aviation schools) in South Africa and you are advised to carefully select the one you would like to attend. Check the credentials and track record of the company you chose to do your training with. Ask how many students have completed their training at the cabin crew school that you are considering.
    Suggestions and warnings include:
    Aviation Training Schools can NOT guarantee employment. Airline operators advertise, interview and employ their own crew, so be very careful of an aviation training school who “guarantees employment”.
    Prospective cabin crew members are required to undergo x-ray examinations and a medical assessment which forms part of the licensing process. Have this medical done prior to enrolling for training as this will help you to avoid paying training fees to a school which are normally not refundable should you be found medically unfit. Also check cost of the x-ray and examination prior to committing to a specific laboratory and Doctor.
    Ensure that the price you are quoted by the training school is inclusive of all modules and requirements to complete the cabin crew licencing process. These charges include:
  • Aviation Medicine Training
  • Dangerous Goods Training
  • Fire Fighting Training
  • Security Training
  • Swimming Lessons
  • South African Civil Aviation Authority Examination
  • South African Civil Aviation Authority Licence
  • As many individuals aspire to be cabin crew members it is advisable to attend a training school that will guide individuals with interviewing skills and compilation of CV’s, photographs for their CV’s and cover letters. This will assist the applicant in being better prepared for the interviewing process as many of these learners will be attending their first ever interview.
    Airlines definitely prefer well groomed individuals who display close attention to personal hygiene, make-up, appearance, and deportment. It makes sense to choose a cabin crew training school that has knowledge of what Airlines require from their crew with regards to grooming, and schools that offer a grooming course module.
    The certificate training syllabus is available of the South African Civil Aviation Authority’s website or you can attend free information sessions with some crew training schools. It is also a good idea to get this information through blogs, Facebook pages or making contact with learners who have attended the training, and current flight attendants.
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